Who did the thunder trade


Who got traded from the Thunder?

As part of a 3-team trade, the Oklahoma City Thunder traded Carmelo Anthony and a 2022 1st round draft pick to the Atlanta Hawks; the Atlanta Hawks traded Dennis Schröder to the Oklahoma City Thunder; the Atlanta Hawks traded Mike Muscala to the Philadelphia 76ers; the Philadelphia 76ers traded Justin Anderson to the …

Who did the Thunder get for Westbrook?

Just one day after sending Paul George to the LA Clippers for an unprecedented haul of draft picks, the Oklahoma City Thunder have reportedly shipped 2017 Kia MVP Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets.

Who did the Thunder get for James Harden?

After failing to agree on a contract extension with the Thunder, Harden was traded to the Houston Rockets on October 27, 2012, along with Daequan Cook, Cole Aldrich and Lazar Hayward, in exchange for Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, two first round picks (which became Steven Adams in 2013 and Mitch McGary in 2014), and a …

Why did the Thunder trade Harden?

But it also made the right move. OKC traded Harden for two simple reasons: 1) it’s a small-market team that can’t sustain a $100-million payroll, and 2) its depth makes Harden less valuable to them as he was to the rest of the league.

Who left the Thunder?

Kevin Durant

Is Chris Paul better than Westbrook?

While Chris Paul is regarded as one of the greatest playmakers and floor generals to ever do it, Westbrook has astronomical stats and has won an MVP Award. Russ has so many individual accolades that might make him seem the greater player. But Chris Paul is a better point guard and a better player.

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How old is cp3?

35 years (May 6, 1985)

Did Westbrook ask for a trade?

Russell Westbrook Reportedly Asked For Trade Following 2018-19 Season. On Thursday night, the Oklahoma City Thunder shocked the NBA world once again by pulling off a blockbuster trade. The Thunder shipped former NBA MVP Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets.

Is James Harden really 6 5?

James Harden

5’6”, but his proportions and angles are sublime and he understands shadows and sleight-of-hand so well you’d swear on your life that he’s really 5’7”.

Who is James Harden wife?

James Harden’s Girlfriend Jessyka Janshel

James Harden’s girlfrend Jessyka Janshel is a social media model. She currently boasts upwards of 325,000 followers and fans.

Who is James Harden’s father?

James Harden Sr.

What year did OKC blew a 3 1 lead?


Is James Harden going to the Thunder?

James Harden makes his first return to the Thunder lineup since receiving an elbow from Metta World Peace.

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