Trove how to trade


How do you sell items in trove?

To sell an item, click the “Sell” tab, open your inventory and drag the item into the “Create Market Sale” slot, choose which currency you want to sell your item for and the price. Once completed, click the “Create” button to list your item on the market.

How do you drop items in trove?

There’s no option to drop items in Trove. If it was deleted, submit a ticket and the support team will follow up directly.

How do you join trade chat in trove?

You can simply use the chat channel ID (appears at the very left of a message sent into a channel) to switch over into the respective channel. Leaves a chat channel. Sends a message to players that are within 40 blocks of range.

Can you buy flux in trove?

Trove Flux farming typically entails mining for ores or harvesting sunlight bulbs and selling them on the market. You have to be at level 20 to unlock the marketplace to trade. … Well, they buy Trove Flux.

How do I join my friend in trove?

Finding your friend in-game.

  1. Open the ‘Social Menu’ by pressing the keyboard shortcut O.
  2. Find the friend you want to group with on your ‘Friends List’.
  3. Select the player and use the ‘Go to Friend’ option. This will bring you to their location so you can meet face to face.

How do you talk in trove?

Basics. By pressing the “Enter” button, players can open up a text box where they can write messages to other players in the game. After typing a message and pressing “Enter” again, others will be able to read it.

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Where can I get flux?

Flux can only be found in the blast zone of nuclear strike.

Players will need to go into the blast zone after the area has been burned to a crisp to find a plant that is called Flux. Flux will be used in very rare items and has multiple variations that can be found.

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