How to trade on hitbtc


Can US citizens trade on HitBTC?

There are geographical restrictions on who can trade on HitBTC. US Clients are not accepted on the exchange. There have been numerous complaints of site crashes.

Is HitBTC safe?

Buy bitcoin or deposit some other cryptocurrency and start trading immediately without verification. You may be asked to verify your identity later, though. Secure exchange. HitBTC remains one of a few exchanges that hasn’t been hacked before.

How do I buy Bitcoins on HitBTC?

Here are practical steps on how to buy your Bitcoin on your account on HitBTC:

  1. Create an account on HitBTC.
  2. Confirm your HitBTC account via email.
  3. Verify your account on HitBTC.
  4. Enable 2FA on your account on HitBTC.
  5. Deposit funds to your HitBTC account.
  6. Start trading on your HitBTC account.

Can US trade on Bittrex?

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex announced that it will block its United States-based users from trading in 32 cryptocurrencies. … Per the announcement, after June 21, U.S. traders won’t be able to access a slew of coins listed on the exchange, including QTUM and STORJ.

Is HitBTC a good exchange?

HitBTC offers a wide variety of currency pairs if you’re looking to trade crypto for crypto. The exchange is also a magnet for many new (and sometimes shady) token offerings. However, the exchange’s shady reputation, and mediocre customer support mark it as unreliable.

Who owns HitBTC?

Ullus Corporation

How do I delete my HitBTC account?

Instructions for deleting a HitBTC account

Contact the customer support using the contact form and request the deletion of your account. After receiving a response from support, confirm the deletion by replying to that email. Note: Your balance must be empty before doing this process.

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Where is HitBTC based?


How do I convert Bitcoins to Usdt?

How to Convert BTC to USDT?

  1. STEP 1: Select the coins BTC in the left dropdown and USDT in the right downtown and click “View all Offers”. …
  2. STEP 2: Select the recommended exchange or any other exchange you like.
  3. STEP 3: Enter your wallet address of USDT to receive the converted amount and click ‘Next’.

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