How to trade cards in trivia crack


How do you buy cards on trivia crack?

To get cards, we need gems. They can be obtained by playing games, or from in-app purchase, or there are some cards which reward gems. When we answer questions, both in challenge and classic game mode, we earn points; when we reach 50 points, a gem is dropped in our account.

How do you play trivia crack?

When playing a challenge in Trivia Crack you first have to select the character you want to bet and select which one you want to steal from your opponent. After that you’ll get six questions. When you answer one question wrong don’t worry. Try to answer as much as you can correctly of the six questions.

How do I spend my coins in trivia crack?

When earned you can you use the coins for power-ups. Those are the icons that appear at the bottom of the screen. The bomb eliminates two false answers, the timer gives you 15 extra seconds and the > will let you skip to another question and the other one will give you two chances to answer the question.

How do you get more cookies on trivia crack?

You can get cookies by playing classic games and, in this way, keep it satisfied and happy so it levels up. Depending on how much you feed it, your pet will have a different mood; if you don’t feed it enough, it will unfortunately go away.

What do tickets do in trivia crack?

Tickets are items that will help you continue playing certain game modes in Trivia Crack 2. If you have failed to complete a level in Tic-Tac-5 or an objective in Pirate Battle, you can use tickets to keep playing till you complete the game and get the chest.

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What do credits do in trivia crack?

Credits will give you the possibility of getting a second chance to answer a question. You’ll be able to use them in classic games, Triviatopics and Survival. … The game will initially give you 150 credits. You can get more credits playing Crown League or buying them at the store.

Does trivia crack skip your turn?

When a game’s turn is passed to a player (from the opponent answering incorrectly), the game will wait up to 24 hours for that player to play their turn. If 24 hours pass and the player has not played his/her turns, the game will force the player to forfeit.

What’s the difference between trivia crack and trivia crack 2?

Trivia Crack 2 offers more of the same enjoyable quiz-based gameplay with a few improvements. The UI has been tweaked for modern devices, and there are a couple of new modes to work your way through when you get bored of the core gameplay.

Is trivia crack free?

Trivia Crack (free, iOS|Android) is the latest game to sit atop both the free and paid rankings in both the Android and iOS App Stores.

What happened to frames in trivia crack?

Frames were moved to the last tab, but today I wanted to change my frame and they are no longer aa available.

Can you win money on trivia crack?

Those who answer the most questions correctly in 10 seconds will be given cash prizes. There are 12 questions for each round, and 10 seconds are allotted for each question. Winners will split a $500 prize pot to win. If you answer correctly and under the time limit, you’ll go on to the next question.

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What do the green check marks mean in trivia crack?

They are achievement rewards. You can also earn them by finishing in the top 3 in Survival as well as in overall top points earned in games. They can also be won by a correct answer playing the Daily Question.24 мая 2020 г.

How do you level up in trivia crack?

New Trivia Crack Ranking!

  1. Survival: 500 points for winning a match.
  2. Classic game: 400 points for winning a match.
  3. Triviathon: 350 points for finishing a mission.
  4. Missions: 250 points for finishing a mission.
  5. Triviatopics: 150 points for completing a category.
  6. Daily Question: 75 points for answering a question correctly.

How do you win trivia Royale?

Trivia Royale Guide: 5 tips to continuously win

  1. Strengthen your weaknesses. The time spent needs to focus more on weakness than on strengths when facing trivia tests. …
  2. Take your shots. Every royale battle takes 1 entry from you. …
  3. Take no risks. …
  4. Enter your opponent’s mind. …
  5. Take it easy.

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