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Why did montreal trade subban


Why did Nashville trade Subban?

The New Jersey Devils acquired PK Subban from the Nashville Predators on Saturday in exchange for Steven Santini, Jeremy Davies and a pair of draft picks. … Subban was thought to be on the trade block because of his $9m salary cap hit for each of the next three seasons.

Who won the Weber Subban trade?

The Canadiens confirmed they had shipped Subban to the Predators for defenseman Shea Weber. Nick Kypreos first reported the deal. Subban is one of the best two-way defensemen in the league thanks to his above-average skating ability and playmaking capabilities.

When did Shea Weber get traded?

Drafted in the second round, 49th overall, by the Nashville Predators in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft, Weber had spent his entire NHL career with the Predators until being traded to Montreal.

When did PK Subban get traded to the Devils?

Subban traded to Devils during Day 2 of draft

2, 2014. The 30-year-old was traded to the Predators by the Canadiens for defenseman Shea Weber on June 29, 2016.

What did Nashville get for Subban?

The Nashville Predators traded the 30-year-old defenceman to the New Jersey Devils on Saturday ahead of the second round of the NHL draft. New Jersey surrendered blue-liners Steven Santini and Jeremy Davies and two second-round picks (2019 and 202) in an exchange that gives Nashville salary cap relief.

Where is PK Subban now?

New Jersey Devils#76 / DefensemanCanadian National Men’s Hockey Team#76 / Defenseman

Why is it called the Habs?

The “H” stands for “hockey”, not “Habitants,” a popular misconception. According to, the first man to refer to the team as “the Habs” was American Tex Rickard, owner of the Madison Square Garden, in 1924. Rickard apparently told a reporter that the “H” on the Canadiens’ sweaters was for “Habitants”.

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How long is Shea Weber’s contract?

a 14 year

What happened Shea Weber?

The puck deflected up off Weber’s stick and hit him in the left cheek. Weber went to the bench bleeding and was slumped over with his head on the boards while a trainer arrived to check him out.

Who was Subban traded for?

The Nashville Predators have traded defenseman P.K. Subban to the New Jersey Devils, the team announced on Saturday. The Predators will receive defenseman Steven Santini, prospect Jeremy Davies, the No. 34 pick in this year’s draft, and a 2020 second-round pick in exchange.

What is PK Subban’s net worth?

Subban is a Canadian professional hockey player who has a net worth of $35 million.

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