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Why did lakers trade zubac


Who did the Lakers trade zubac for?

Mike Muscala

Why did the Lakers trade Trevor Ariza?

In November 2007, Ariza was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for Brian Cook and Maurice Evans. … The Lakers went on to defeat the Spurs in 5 games and advance to the 2008 NBA Finals, but lost to the Boston Celtics in 6 games. In the 2008–09 season, he played in all 82 games, starting 20.

Why did the Lakers move?

After considering moves to Chicago and San Francisco, he decided to move the franchise to Los Angeles prior to the 1961 season, making the Lakers the NBA’s first West Coast team. The Lakers did not change their name after this second move, despite the general scarcity of natural lakes in southern California.

What country is Ivica zubac from?


What is Trevor Ariza salary?

7.259 million USD (2013)

How much is Trevor Ariza worth?

Trevor Ariza Net Worth and salary: Trevor Ariza is an American professional basketball player who has a net worth of $20 million. Born Trevor Anthony Ariza on June 30, 1985, in Miami, Florida, he currently plays as a swingman for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Is Trevor Ariza still in the NBA?

Sources: Blazers’ Trevor Ariza opting out of NBA restart, commits to visitation with son. Portland Trail Blazers forward Trevor Ariza is opting out of participating in the NBA’s Orlando restart of the season, committing instead to a one-month visitation window with his young son, sources told ESPN.

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What was the Lakers original name?

Minneapolis Lakers

Who owns the Lakers now?

At age 19, she started in the family business as general manager of the Los Angeles Strings professional tennis team.

Jeanie BussOccupationPresident of the Los Angeles Lakers Co-owner of the Women of Wrestling promotion.Spouse(s)Steve Timmons ​ ​ ( m. 1990; div. 1993)​

What was the first ever NBA team?

Toronto Huskies

How good is Ivica zubac?

Zubac also ranks highly in defensive rating (15th), offensive rebound percentage (1st) and true shooting percentage (9th), to name a few. He also ranks 11th in total offensive rebounds with 166, which is particularly impressive since he’s played 25 or more minutes just once this season.

How tall is Montrezl Harrell?

2.03 m

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