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Who did the lakers trade for kobe


Who did Lakers trade to get Kobe?

center Vlade Divac

Why did the Hornets trade Kobe Bryant to the Lakers?

Charlotte Hornets and fans pay tribute to Kobe Bryant. … The Hornets drafted Bryant 13th overall in 1996, with the intention of trading his draft rights to the Lakers in return for veteran center Divac. The deal was agreed to prior to the draft, but Divac threatened to retire, rather than move to the Hornets.

Did Kobe demanded a trade?

Kobe pulled a similar move in 2007 when he demanded a trade and was almost sent to the Chicago Bulls. The trade fell through and the Lakers obtained Pau Gasol, and the rest is history.

What pick was Kobe Bryant?

Charlotte selected Bryant with its No. 13 draft pick, and immediately traded him to Los Angeles for Vlade Divac, but while talking to the Charlotte Observer’s Rick Bonnell, Kupchak detailed how Bryant almost never became a Laker.

Who was drafted before Kobe?

Draft selectionsRoundPickPlayer113Kobe Bryant^114Peja Stojaković*115Steve Nash^116Tony Delk

Did Kobe refused to play for the Hornets?

I wish it were that simple, but everyone knows that Bryant had his own thoughts about Charlotte during the draft. He simply refused to play with any other team except for the Lakers. Even though he did not want to play for Charlotte, the Hornets could’ve not traded him if they wanted to.7 мая 2019 г.

How long was Kobe in the NBA?


When was Kobe born?

August 23, 1978

What does Mamba mean for Kobe?

The Black Mamba

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Why did Shaq leave Miami?

Mainly due to the injury of Wade, and Shaq’s inability to dominate the smaller Bulls front court. After 40 games with the Heat the following season, Shaq would be traded upon request, sighting reasons like the team was going nowhere and he wanted to chase another championship title.

Did Kobe want to leave the Lakers?

Phil Jackson Says Kobe Bryant Requested Trade from Lakers During 1999-00 Season. … So Kobe called Jerry West and wanted to know how Jerry and Elgin Baylor both averaged 30 points. Kobe also said that he wanted to be traded. Of course, Jerry told me about the conversation.

What was Kobe’s number?

24Los Angeles Lakers / Small forward, Shooting guard33Lower Merion Boy’s Basketball Team

Who gets #1 pick in NBA draft?

Full 2020 NBA Draft Order1Minnesota Minnesota2Golden State Golden State3Charlotte Charlotte4Chicago Chicago5Cleveland Cleveland

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