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Which statement describes the third and final leg of the triangular trade?


What is the third leg of the triangular trade?

On the first leg of their three-part journey, often called the Triangular Trade, European ships brought manufactured goods, weapons, even liquor to Africa in exchange for slaves; on the second, they transported African men, women, and children to the Americas to serve as slaves; and on the third leg, they exported to …

What are the three parts of the triangular trade quizlet?

The atlantic triangular trade routes involved the transfer of slaves, raw materials, and manufactured products between countries in three regions. Traders took slaves from Africa to the americas, raw materials from the americas to Europe, and finished products from Europe to Africa and the americas.

What 3 continents were in the triangular trade?

The triangle, involving three continents, was complete. European capital, African labour and American land and resources combined to supply a European market.

How did the three steps of the triangular trade network function?

How did the three steps of the triangular trade network function? In the “first leg”, ships brought European goods like guns, cloth, and cash to Africa. These good were traded these goods for slaves. In the “second leg” of the Middle Passage, the slaves that were traded for goods were sailed over to the Americas.

Why did the triangular trade end?

The slave trade made many people very rich but also ruined the lives of those captured into slavery. As resistance grew and profit declined, the trade was finally abolished.

Why is the triangular trade significant?

Why is the Triangular Trade so important? The triangular trade model allowed for the swift spread of slavery into the New World. Twelve million Africans were captured in Africa with the intent to enter them into the slave trade. … The triangular trade brought new crops and goods to Africa.

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What is triangular trade?

a pattern of colonial commerce connecting three regions and crossing the Atlantic Ocean, specifically the transporting of enslaved Africans to the Americas, cotton and other raw materials from the Americas to Europe, and textiles and other manufactured goods from Europe to West Africa, or a similar repeating trade …

What was the worst leg of the triangular trade route?

The Atlantic passage (or Middle Passage) was notorious for its brutality and for the overcrowded, unsanitary conditions on slave ships, in which hundreds of Africans were packed tightly into tiers below decks for a voyage of about 5,000 miles (8,000 km).

Which four continents were involved in the triangular trade?

Slavery was one element of a three-part economic cycle—the triangular trade and its Middle Passage—which ultimately involved four continents, four centuries and millions of people. Slavery was practiced in some parts of Africa, Europe,Asia and the Americas before the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade.

Who benefited the most from the triangular trade?

Who benefited from the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

  • British slave ship owners – some voyages made 20-50% profit. …
  • British Slave Traders – who bought and sold enslaved Africans.
  • Plantation Owners – who used slave labour to grow their crops. …
  • The factory owners in Britain – who had a market for their goods.

How were slaves captured in Africa?

Most slaves in Africa were captured in wars or in surprise raids on villages. Adults were bound and gagged and infants were sometimes thrown into sacks.

How did the triangular trade affect Africa?

The size of the Atlantic slave trade dramatically transformed African societies. The slave trade brought about a negative impact on African societies and led to the long-term impoverishment of West Africa. This intensified effects that were already present amongst its rulers, kinships, kingdoms and in society.

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What were the three points of the triangle?

The three points of the triangle were: Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

What was the first stage of the triangular trade?

The first stage of the Triangular Trade involved taking manufactured goods from Europe to Africa: cloth, spirit, tobacco, beads, cowrie shells, metal goods, and guns. The guns were used to help expand empires and obtain more slaves (until they were finally used against European colonizers).

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