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What is trade assurance


How much is Alibaba trade assurance?

The Trade Assurance service is free to use. However, the following transaction fees apply depending on the payment method: Credit card: 2.95% of the order value. Telegraphic transfer: US$30 – US$50.

How do you get trade assurance?

II. How can I get Full Order Protection? 1 CONFIRM your order online with a Trade Assurance supplier to get full protection. 2 PAY to the supplier’s CITIBANK account designated by via e-Checking, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

Can you get scammed on Alibaba?

The truth is, yes, it is possible that you may get scammed on IF you don’t know what you’re doing. However, with the information you learn in this blog post, the chances of you getting scammed on Alibaba will be very slim. Just to be clear: Alibaba itself is not a scam.

How do I get a refund from Alibaba?

If you sign in with APP, please follow below steps:

  1. Go to My Alibaba-Manage order, click the order to order detail page.
  2. On the order detail page, click Apply for refund to open dispute.
  3. Fill the dispute form then click “Submit”.
  4. After submitting the dispute, please wait for your supplier’s response.

How good is Alibaba trade assurance?

Trade Assurance is the safest way to buy products on Alibaba. … This means that your orders are protected until you get your products. So if for some reason you place an order and you never get your products then Alibaba accepts full liability. Afterward, they handle disputes with the supplier for you.

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How does payment work on Alibaba?

The Alibaba secure payment allows payments via credit card and debit cards, issued by Visa and MasterCard. However, keep in mind that there is a maximum transaction amount, paid via credit card, of US$50,000. In addition, the credit card companies charge a higher transaction fee, as compared to T/T payments.

Why is Alibaba shipping so expensive?

Why is Shipping from Alibaba and China So Expensive? Shipping items from China overall can be very expensive due to the distance. If an item is under 5-10 lbs it can actually be shipped for quite cheap from China but very slowly using something called ePacket.2 мая 2020 г.

How long does it take to get refund from Alibaba?

Once your refund application is approved, will generally refund you within 7 business days. However, this may differ depending on your payment method: Credit Card: receive the refund within 10 working days.

How can I avoid being scammed on Alibaba?

How to Avoid an Alibaba Scam

  1. Consider Alibaba’s Business Model. …
  2. Avoid Free Account Members. …
  3. Avoid Big Brands, Especially Electronics. …
  4. Know What ‘Alibaba Gold Member’ Actually Means. …
  5. Look at The Age Of an Account. …
  6. Do Some Basic Research Online. …
  7. Check Fraud and Scam Listings For an Alibaba Scam. …
  8. Consider The Payment Option Being Requested.

Is stuff on Alibaba fake?

There are tons of counterfeit products on Alibaba. Company webpages, certificates, licenses can also be counterfeit. … Alibaba is a b2b website where sellers are sourcing these products. As for quality get samples of the suppliers you like and have them ship to you very simple.

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Is Alibaba bigger than Amazon?

While Amazon is the larger of the two companies by a significant margin, both companies have quite similar revenue streams. When comparing Commerce as well as Cloud revenues, Amazon’s revenues are nearly 15x that of Alibaba’s. However, Alibaba’s advertising revenues are quite comparable to that of Amazon’s.

How do you win a dispute on Alibaba?

Our tips will help you to win the dispute on AliExpress.

  1. Always take the screenshots of the product description. …
  2. Carefully read the description of the product. …
  3. Check the rating of the seller and the store’s reviews. …
  4. Film the process of unboxing. …
  5. Carefully fill in the application for opening the dispute. …
  6. Be determined.

How do I report a seller on Alibaba?

Please submit your complaint to Online Complaint Center at with valid proof. Alibaba Security Team will check it and follow up.

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