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What did new hampshire trade


Who did New Hampshire colony trade with?

New Hampshire ColonyNew Hampshire Colony Fact FileFactsSubjectFacts about the New Hampshire ColonyFact 13History1641 Massachusetts Colony gained control of New HampshireFact 14HistoryIn 1679 England forms New Hampshire as a separate royal colonyFact 15Trade / ExportsFish, timber, furs, ships and livestock

What did the Pennsylvania colony trade?

Trade in the Pennsylvania Colony used the natural resources and raw materials available to develop trade in corn and wheat and livestock including beef and pork. Other industries included the production of iron ore, lumber, coal, bricks, apples, beer and wine, textiles, rope, furs and shipbuilding.

What is New Hampshire known for?

the Granite State

What government did New Hampshire colony have?

Province of New HampshireGovernmentConstitutional monarchyMonarch• 1629–1641, 1679–1686, 1689–1707(list)• 1664–1685Charles II

What was the best colony?


What religion was practiced in the New Hampshire Colony?


What did they do for fun in the Pennsylvania colony?

Not only did children play games but also adults; they played a blowing like game where egg shaped balls were rolled down a lane of grass into a white ball called a ‘jack’, a game similar to backgammon called “tick-tack” and billiard “pool”.

Why was the Pennsylvania colony so successful?

The Colonies | Pennsylvania. William Penn, a Quaker, established the Province of Pennsylvania as a haven for persecuted members of the Society of Friends. … Peaceful relations with neighboring American Indian groups and fertile farmland helped Penn’s experiment become a success.

What made the Pennsylvania colony unique?

Pennsylvania’s early history, influenced by the idealism of its founder William Penn, makes it unique among the original thirteen colonies. Religious tolerance, diversity, and representative government became reality here in Pennsylvania.

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What celebrities live in New Hampshire?

10 Celebrities You Never Realized Were From New Hampshire

  • Seth Myers. The Late Night host was born in Illinois and lived in Michigan until the age of 10. …
  • Sarah Silverman. The Comedy Central comedienne is a true New Hampshire native, having been born in Bedford and raised in Manchester. …
  • Mandy Moore. …
  • John Irving. …
  • J.D. …
  • Robert Frost. …
  • Dan Brown. …
  • Sam Huntington.

What food is New Hampshire famous for?

10 Iconic Foods In New Hampshire That Will Have Your Mouth Watering

  • Apple Cider Donuts. Via Tsuji/flickr. …
  • Venison. Alex Gomez/flickr. …
  • Spiked Cider. Petritent/flickr. …
  • Clam Chowder. jpelligan/flickr. …
  • Apple Pie. Invisible Helicopter/flickr. …
  • Maple Syrup. Chiorot’sRun/flickr. …
  • Yogurt. Rebecca Seigel/flickr. …
  • Mead. Moonlight Meadery/flickr.

Is New Hampshire expensive?

The average across New Hampshire is 117 (according to Movoto), factoring in the cost of housing, groceries, healthcare, transportation, utilities, and miscellaneous expenses. This does differ depending on where within New Hampshire you call home, with Portsmouth being the most expensive at a 146 index.

Did the New Hampshire Colony have religious freedom?

Religion in Colonial New Hampshire

The Puritans dominated New England and Colonial New Hampshire. Although many left Europe in order to obtain religious freedom they did not tolerate any other form of religion.

What was New Hampshire originally called?

So it remained until the “War of the Revolution.” Smith first named it “North Virginia” but King James later revised this into “New England.” To the map was added the name Portsmouth, taken from the English town where Captain John Mason was commander of the fort, and the name New Hampshire is that of his own English …

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