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What animal made trans-saharan trade viable


What was the basic social unit in the western Sudan after 1000 BCE?

− 200 C.E. Between 1000 B.C.E. and 200 C.E., a series of kingdoms emerged in western Sudan. During this period, the peoples of the western Sudan began to practice settled agriculture. The basic social unit was the extended family.

How did North African traders benefit from trans Saharan trade?

How did North Africans, Wangarans and the King of Ghana benefit from trans-Saharan trade? North Africans got gold, which was a valuable trading item Wangarans got salt, which was essential to their health, and preserving foods. Ghana collected taxes from the traders.

What two factors led to the growth of the trans Saharan trade?

The two factors that led to the growth of trans-Saharan trade were the introduction of the camel and the spread of Islam.

What does the term Bantu refers to?

Abantu (or ‘Bantu’ as it was used by colonists) is the Zulu word for people. It is the plural of the word ‘umuntu’, meaning ‘person’, and is based on the stem ‘–ntu’ plus the plural prefix ‘aba’. This original meaning changed through the history of South Africa.

What does the term Bantu refer to quizlet?

A linguistic classification of African peoples who lived south of the Congo River. What does the term Bantu refer to? … Muslims lived separately from the African artisans and traders.

How did the Maya survive their arid environment?

How did the Maya survive their arid environment? They found water in deep natural wells. Mayan texts tended to focus on the lives and exploits of whom?

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What are the effects of trans Saharan trade?

It has been argued that perhaps one of the most significant effects of the trans-Saharan trade was the establishment and proliferation of the trade in human beings (Brett 1969). Sub-Saharan African slaves were bartered for bars of salt and other Mediterranean goods.

Why did the trans Saharan trade decline?

The golden age of the trans-Saharan trade ended with the collapse of Songhay empire after the Moroccan attack in 1591. The disintegration of West African political structures, the contemporary economic decline of Northern Africa, and the European competition on the Guinea coast made the caravan trade less profitable.

Why is the trans Saharan trade important?

Trans-Saharan trade also provided strong motivation for the formation of large Sudanic states and empires to protect traders and trade routes, which in turn brought in the necessary wealth to conduct wars of population and territorial expansion, to acquire horses and superior iron weaponry, to send thousands of …

What does Trans Saharan mean?

Trans-Saharan trade was when people traveled across the Sahara to reach sub-Saharan Africa from the North African coast, Europe, or the Levant. The trade existed during the prehistoric times. … The trade was also used to transport slaves and food to different places.

What did the trans Saharan trade?

The West Africans exchanged their local products like gold, ivory, salt and cloth, for North African goods such as horses, books, swords and chain mail. This trade (called the trans-Saharan trade because it crossed the Sahara desert) also included slaves. … Slaves would be taken to southern Spain as household servants.

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What was traded on the sand roads?

Metal goods, cotton textiles, gold, and various food products across considerable distances using boats along the Nile River and donkeys overland. The homes of the wealthy in Islamic North Africa, but a small number were sold in Europe. Traders congregated and goods were exchanged.

Is Bantu a derogatory term?

However, Bantu is used without pejorative connotations in other parts of Africa and is still used in South Africa as the group term for the languages South Africans speak.

Is Igbo a Bantu?

No, Igbos are not Bantu. The Igbo and the Bantu languages are deemed to be part of the Niger-Congo language family, but there’s a great deal that separates them. No, Igbos are not Bantu.

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