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How to trade items in wizard101


How do you give items in wizard101?

Just look for the little gift icon when you’re shopping, select an item and click on Gift. This Gift giving feature is controlled through Parental Controls. Players over the age of 18 will be able to send Gifts to any other player on their Friends list.

How do you trade reagents in wizard101?

You can’t trade reagents with a friend. The only way you can give them is to sell them at the Bazaar and make sure your friend is there when you do. Many who are needing the same reagent will grab them as fast as they show up.

How do you sell Crown items in wizard101?

You can’t sell Crowns items at the Bazaar (“No Auction”). You can sell them to regular merchants. I believe that “No Auction” housing and gardening items need to be sold to merchants who deal in those goods.

Can you transfer treasure cards in wizard101?

i agree completely, right now, the only way for you to transfer treasure is either to make a second account, or get a good friend that you can trust, and if someone has none of those, they are out of luck.

Can you trade equipment in wizard101?

Players can now share most items between characters on their own account. The trade of items other than non-enchanted Treasure Cards will NOT be a part of Wizard101. …

Can you trade mounts in wizard101?

Permanent mounts can be placed in your Shared Bank. The Shared Bank is a place where you can share items between characters on your own account. The only items that can be traded between two different player accounts are non-enchanted Treasure Cards.

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How do you trade treasure cards in wizard101?

Non-Enchanted Treasure Cards are the only items that can be traded between players. To trade treasure cards with a nearby friend, click them in your Friends List and then click on Trade. A screen will open (like the one above) that allows you to place whichever cards you want to from your section called ‘My Stuff’.

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