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How to trade for platinum in warframe


Can you trade starter platinum in Warframe?

You cannot trade your starter platinum. That you have to spend in the market place – otherwise people would just create account over account to trade out their start plat. Best get yourself a warframe slot and a few weapon slots for that starter plat.

Can you sell items for platinum in Warframe?

Trading For Platinum

head to the Trade Chat, here you will be able to sell or buy any item. in this trade chat, you will need to post the item you want to sell. So if you want to sell something type WTS[Item Name] for X platinum. If you get a buyer then quickly ask him if they want to trade in your dojo or theirs.

What should I use platinum for Warframe?

If you’re going to play Warframe we highly recommend you spend your starting Platinum on Warframe or weapon slots. Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactors are another good choice, but use them wisely.

Why can’t I trade platinum in Warframe?

Your starting 50 Platinum cannot be traded, and moving forward, any Platinum you are rewarded (contests/livestreams, promotions, etc.) will not be eligible for trade. … Only prime parts that drop as parts can be traded, you cannot complete a trade if you do not meet the Mastery requirement. 5) PRIME BLUEPRINTS.

What is the easiest Prime Warframe to get?

So in order of most common to least common:

  • Banshee.
  • Mirage.
  • Oberon.
  • Hydroid.
  • Valkyr.
  • Zephyr.
  • Limbo.

What is the most expensive item in Warframe?

Primed Chamber Mod

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What is the fastest way to get platinum in Warframe?

Here are eleven ways to earn platinum in Warframe:

  1. Selling Prime Parts. This is a tedious and slow way to earn platinum but it works. …
  2. Earning Platinum Through Syndicates. …
  3. Selling Corrupted Mods. …
  4. Aura Mods. …
  5. Dual Stat Elemental Mods. …
  6. Nightmare Mods. …
  7. Ayatan Sculptures. …
  8. Selling Veiled Riven Mods.

Is it worth it to buy platinum Warframe?

It’s definitely worth it. I’d recommend picking up a Prime Access pack if you plan too. They give high amounts of plat, Once you progress far enough into the game, you can earn it via trading as well.

How much does Warframe platinum cost?

$49.99. Purchase 1000 Platinum, an in-game currency you can spend on Warframes, weapons, consumables, sentinels, Mod, and a variety of other items from the in-game Market. It can also be used to instantly finish crafting items in the Foundry.

Can I gift Platinum Warframe?

If you’ve already bought the Platinum, you can either trade it or use the Market’s new gifting feature to buy something that will be sent directly to your friend. … If you haven’t bought the Platinum yet, just work out some way to pay for it on your friend’s account.

Is Warframe cross plat?

Warframe is a cross platform game. It’s on just about everything besides phones and toasters. However, at this time, Warframe does not support crossplay in any way. … That means most of the progress you make in one version of the game is free to transfer to another version.

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