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How do you trade players in nba 2k17


Can you update NBA 2k17 rosters?

In order to grab the updated rosters for use in “NBA 2K17,” here is what you do from the Main Menu… In order to utilize the new roster, load it up manually when beginning a new franchise or playing single games.

How do you equip shoes in NBA 2k17 My Career?

The specific operation method of “1” career mode is: 1, into the NBA2K17 career mode, click on the menu options; 2, the menu option, look at the shoes, the direct selection of 2K brand shoes, you can give their players put on new sneakers.

Can you change your shoes on 2k17 offline?

Offline MyCareer = you can’t change a thing. I know in past years, offline play has restricted you from updating your player’s accessories and shoes but you could still choose animations.

How do you update roster on 2k18?

To download updated rosters on PS4 and Xbox One, select “options/features” in the main menu. Scroll over to the “roster creator” option, and select “create roster”. Select the roster labeled either 2K19 ROOKIES+TRADES, & SIGNINGS or NBA 2K19 ROSTER, depending on your platform.

How do you get clothes in NBA 2k20?

How to Change Clothes & Shoes in NBA 2K20

  1. Unlock the Neighborhood in MyCareer.
  2. Go to the Clothes section in MyPlayer.
  3. Customize different attires for PRO-AM, Neighborhood, and In-Game outfits. Each attires are found in their respective tabs, with the game outfits being customized in the locker room.

How do you equip shoes in NBA 2k16 My Career offline?

You have to go to main menu and settings, then my player home/away and equip your shoe there, that worked for me and many others. Then return to my carrer and shoe is equiped.

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