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How does trade work in eu4?

Each trade ship gives you 3 trade power, trade power is just how much of the pie you are getting. If there is a total of 100 trade power in a node thanks to all nations with trade power there. And you have 10 trade ships (30 trade power) out of 100. You get 30% of the pie.

How do I create a trade company eu4?

Go to the trade mapmode and click on the West Africa tradenode. There you should also see the ‘green plus’ button to add all available provinces to a trade company.

How do you change home trade node?

Click on the province that you want to change your home node to. At the top left corner of the province tab, there should be a crate icon. Click it and it will change your home node to that province. Note: be sure to have at least 200 dip, otherwise it will be gray out and you won’t be able to click it.

Why does eu4 start in 1444?

It doesn’t just start in 1444, it starts on the 11th of November 1444. The bookmark for 1444 is called “Rise of the Ottomans” because the day 10th of November 1444 was the Battle of Varna, where the P.U. of Hungary and Bohemia under Poland was broken at the death of Wladyslav III.

How can trade power be increased?

Effective ways on increasing one’s share of Trade Power in a node therefore include:

  1. Sending Light Ships to that node and sinking the Light Ships of other countries.
  2. Constructing trade buildings in important centers of trade in that node. …
  3. Conquering provinces in that node. …
  4. Embargoing other countries at that node.
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How do you upgrade center of trade?

  1. Find province with center of trade.
  2. Click said province.
  3. Hit up buildings.
  4. Under buildings there is an icon of a port.
  5. Click port upgrade port.

Can fabricate claim overseas in trade company regions?

– Expansion Finisher now allows you to fabricate claims inside any trade company region that is on another continent than your capital. (Without Wealth of Nations, its any overseas port not in a colonial region, and not in europe.)

What is trade power eu4?

Trade power is a number representing a country’s control over trade in a node. The trade power of a country as a proportion of the total trade power of all countries present in the node determines what will happen to the trade value in each node.

What do merchants do in eu4?

Put merchants in trade nodes that feed into your home node. In other words put merchants in trade nodes that have arrows that point towards your home node. Start by putting merchants in the nodes that have the most value and you have the most trade power in.

What are trade companies eu4?

trade company is a collection of provinces in a trade company region that give the owner less tax, manpower, and sailors, but more trade power, trade goods (including production income) and naval force limit, than if the owner included them in states.

Why does eu4 end in 1821?

This is probably the most important reason I’ve seen for ending it in 1821 but not May 5th in particular. … On 25 March 1821 the Greeks also declared war for independence against the Ottomans so that also has great potential for an event if Ottomans hold Greek lands.

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Is eu4 hard?

It’s hard. 🙂 But once you learn over a few attempts and painful failures, it’s worth it. It took me several hours just to make sense of the basic gameplay of EU4. … What makes EU4 hard is that there is so much going on, and the depth of what is going on takes some learning.

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