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How to invest in a store in skyrim


Which merchants can you invest in Skyrim?

Shops & traders available to invest inCityTraderRiverwoodAlvor Riverwood TraderShor’s StoneFilnjarSolitudeAngeline Morrard at Angeline’s Aromatics Beirand (Blacksmith) Bits and Pieces Fletcher Radiant Raiment Sybille Stentor in Blue Palace

What happens when you invest in a business in Skyrim?

Investing in a store grants the merchant in question a permanent 500 gold increase to their gold inventory, meaning you can sell significantly more goods to them before they run out of gold.

Who is the best merchant in Skyrim?

Lucan Valerius

What merchants have the most money in Skyrim?

If you’ve put in a good amount of work with the Thieves Guild, their fences are the best merchants in the game for selling. There’s eventually one in/near Whiterun, Riften, Solitude, Windhelm, Markarth, and Winterhold, as well as a Khajit caravan.

Where is the best place to sell stuff in Skyrim?


Who is the richest person in Skyrim?


How often do shops restock Skyrim?

Merchants do not keep their wares: they rotate their stock around every 5 to 7 in game days(for more detailed math, view #In depth restocking formula). When a merchant restocks, their trading inventory is refreshed and new items will repopulate the inventory.

How do you get married in Skyrim?

Getting married in Skyrim is actually pretty easy; just head to the settlement of Riften, and enter the Temple of Mara. Speak to the priest and ask about weddings, to receive information about how the process works. Purchase an amulet of Mara, then wear it when speaking to your potentially betrothed.

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Can I just kill Ulfric Stormcloak?

User Info: Zegima. Only way to kill Ulfric is to join the Imperials. Siding with the stormcloak’s mean’s your honor bound to serving them.

Where is the most gold in Skyrim?

Mining Locations

  1. Kolskeggr Mine. If you were looking for the motherload of gold in Skyrim, look no further; this mine is absolutely packed with gold ore veins. …
  2. Darkshade. One ore vein is located outside the entrance of Darkshade. …
  3. Lost Prospect Mine. …
  4. Labyrinthian (South of Morthal) contains only couple of gold ore veins.

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