When is the next gold card trade in coin master


When can you trade gold cards in Coin master?

To trade gold cards, you must first actually have some in Coin Master. You cannot trade a standard one for a gold one. With these in inventory, you must now wait until a special event occurs that allows for the trading of these.

How do I get gold cards in Coin master?

Trade Cards on Facebook:

The members of the group help each other and gift coins & sometimes various cards as they don’t need them anymore. Few players may not even ask for anything in return & will gift you the golden cards. So if you have already a Facebook account, join Coin Master communities & start engaging!

Can u send gold cards on coin master?

Tap on the card you wish to send and then on the “Send” button which will open up a list of friends. Please note that you can only send a card if you have more than 1, and Gold Cards can only be traded during special events.

What are the rarest cards on coin master?

Very Rare. Martin Lettuce, Arm Strong, Torero, Aztec Princes, Elder Elk, Portly Pete, Cleopatra, Jelly Fish, Santa Sled’s, Little Lenya, Flamur the Flutist, Mythical Dome, Fondue, Frida, Mighty Wizard.

How do you get free spins on coin master?

More ways to get free spins and coins

  1. Invite Facebook friends. Every time you invite a friend on Facebook to play the game you can get 40 spins for free. …
  2. Gift each other. After you’ve invited all your friends and they have joined then you and your friends can gift each other free spins and coins every day! …
  3. Wait a bit.
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How do you get the Joker Coin master?

The Joker Card is a phenomenal prize which can be earned during events or found in mystery chests!

How do you go into ghost mode on coin master?

How to Activate Ghost Mode on Coin Master?

  1. Close the game & open Facebook app.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. In settings, open App & Websites.
  4. Click on Logged in with Facebook.
  5. Remove Coin Master by ticking the square by clicking the remove button.
  6. Open Coin Master.
  7. If it asks you for login details, do not use Facebook login.

What are the stars for in coin master?

The Stars collected throughout the game are used to keep rank and place players on the Leaderboards. Stars can be earned by building your Village items and by collecting new Cards. Village items reward one star per upgrade and Cards reward the number of stars shown at the top of each one.

How many levels is coin master?

266 levels

How do you get free gold cards on coin master?

The members of the group help each other by gifting coins and cards, which they don’t need anymore. Buy Chests in every village: There is a very slight chance of getting golden from the chest. But you can increase your chances by buying as many chests as possible in every village.

Is there cheats for coin master?

Coin Master Cheats / Tricks of whatever you want to call it

But none do it. … While the short answer is, there is no way to get unlimited spins in Coin Master game, I would recommend you read the entire article to get an understanding why there are so many articles promising unlimited spins.

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Does coin master give you real money?

Coin Master is a slot machine masquerading as a game. Rewarded video ads allow the player to earn a single free spin, for instance. Watching an ad can also yield 15,000 coins, which can also be bought on their own for real money. … Players are then granted currency rewards for completing card sets.

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