What did the minoan civilization trade with other islands


Who did the Minoans trade with?

The Minoans traded throughout the Mediterranean. Evidence suggests they traded extensively with Syria, Asia Minor, and Egypt. The Minoans even traded at least as far west as the island of Sicily. The biggest exports from Crete were probably olives, olive oil, and grape products.

What made the Mycenae so well protected?

Mycenae was powerful and well defended because of the 20 feet thick walls surrounding the city. Its ships captured the ships of other cities. The Myceneans took plunder, or goods taken during war.

What did ancient Greece trade with Egypt?

wheat. slaves from Egypt. grain from the Black Sea (especially via Byzantium) salt fish from the Black Sea.

How did trade with other peoples contribute to Greek civilization?

Trade with other peoples contributed the Greece civilization brought the Greece an alphabet and the idea of coins which were used for trade. … The Greeks developed trade with other regions because they didn’t have many resources, such as crops because of the mountainous region.

What language did the Minoans speak?


How did the Minoans make money?

Minoan civilization rose around 2800 B.C. it was located on Crete . An island in the Mediterranean sea. To make money they grew wheat, barley, grapes, and olives also traded and ship building. … The Minoans were a small people with bronzed skin and long dark hair.

What was unique about the Mycenaean civilization?

Mycenaean Civilization

In the Iliad, Homer aptly described Mycenae as “rich in gold.” Mycenaeans enjoyed a prosperous rule over the Greek mainland and areas around the Aegean Sea, with the elite living in comfort and style, and the king ruling over a highly organized feudal system.

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Did the Athenians destroy farms to starve Spartans?

Greek physicians were the first to blame the gods for illnesses. The Athenians destroyed farms to starve Spartans into surrendering. … After the war, Sparta was able to regain its military strength.

What was found in the Treasury of Atreus?

In the treasury of Atreus, a Mycenaean king was buried with his weapons and enough food and drink for his journey through the Underworld. The dead were buried on the edge of the city in three different sorts of graves: a pit grave, a rock sepulcher, or a circular domed chamber (tholos) with an entrance passage.

Did Greece copy Egypt?

The ancient Greeks were mostly a localized civilization, claiming to learn from ancient Egypt to give some credibility to otherwise local ideas. The Greeks recognized the Egyptians as an older civilization, and did learn from them on a few things, but they were not copying the Egyptians for all of their civilization.

Who did Greek merchants trade with?

Trade. Greece’s main exports were olive oil, wine, pottery, and metalwork. Imports included grains and pork from Sicily, Arabia, Egypt, Ancient Carthage, Bosporan Kingdom.

What came first Greek or Egyptian mythology?

Along with Sumerian civilization/Mesopotamia, the ancient Egyptians and their civilization are considered to both been the earliest forms of civilization; both developed independently of each other in the 3rd millennium BC. For Ancient Greece, the time frame is from 5th century BC to the end of antiquity in 600 AD.

How did trade with the Phoenicians affect the development of Greek society?

How did trading with the Phoenicians effect the Greek culture? The Greeks learned their alphabet and adjusted it to fit their language. … Being close to the water gives access to trade. The Mountains were natural barriers.

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Why was sea trade important for the Greek?

Sea Trade was important for the Greeks because they had few natural resources. The Greeks land was infertile and mountainous. They to go to other colonies to get resources. … The Mycenaean’s were influenced by the Minoan by being close to the Minoan they traded with each other and they adopted their language and art.

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