Project jojo how to trade


How do you trade in online stands?

Trading. To trade a Stand with someone you’ll have to say trade/(Other player’s name), and they’ll have to say accept/(your name) in the game chat. When finished, both players will have traded their current Stands with one another.

Can you store items in project Jojo?

Can be stored at the Gucci Bag given by Rohan and/or the gamepass. Consumable: An item that must be clicked in order to interact with it and is consumed by doing so.

How do you accept trades in a bizarre day?


When a trade is initiated, it will swap over your abilities (stands, specs, etc) when used. Only the player targeted with “! trade” can decide to accept the trade. Taking longer than 10 seconds to accept or decline a trade will have it automatically be declined.

What is max level in stands online?

The Requirement for a prestige is to simply reach level 1000, which is the max level. When you prestige your stand will not be erased, but due to your level being reset to level 1, you will only have access to your first move, but if you have an Over Heaven stand, you will also have access to your third move.

What does softening mode do in stands online?

Softening Mode- Normally the move is inactive, but when you press “T” your stand will gain an aura of dots with your secondary(?) color appearing and disappearing. Your stand will also do 2x less damage than before, but cause 4x knockback on all attacks.

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How do you farm worth in project Jojo?

In order to get Worthiness, you need to use Bones and Diaries that spawn all over the map, you can also do Quests. DIO upon defeat: [100%] to all nearby players if DIO doesn’t drop his Diary or Bone. [NOTE]: Worthiness caps at [100%].

How do you farm in Jojo project?

How to farm XP/Money?

  1. Stand in middle of Ice lake/wood dummy spawns.
  2. Press Q (Active stand)
  3. Press M (Open menu)
  4. Set autoclicker on Special bar.
  5. just AFK enjoy XP/Cash.

What is max level in project Jojo?


How do you use the Gucci bag in project Jojo?

Press L to open it. To Store items, click on the slot where you want to put, hold the item and press K. This gamepass costs 500 robux. Inside the gucci bag.

How do you check worthiness in project Jojo?

You can always check your worthiness level by holding a Stand Arrow or DIO’s Diary in hand. If you look all around your avatar, you will see a large purple and white glow. The brighter the glow; the more worthiness a player has.

How do you get Jojo Requiem project?

Can be found in Italy as a Rare Item or by chance from defeating Kira in Morioh near the Ice Dummies. You can alternatively earn this Arrow by completing Quest #2 from Jotaro’s Quest-line.

How do I claim an ABD base?

To Claim a Base, it requires 4 to 5 members of the same gang to claim one. The base will be claimed by another gang once there are 4 different members inside the base.

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How do you get star platinum over heaven in project Jojo?

Star Platinum: Over Heaven can be obtained by using DIO’s Diary with any version of Star Platinum.

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