How to use trade platform astroneer


How do you use the exo request platform in Astroneer?

The EXO Request Platform is used to send objects in return for Recovery Points or progress towards the current event’s goal. The control panel will show the player how many points they have earned or items they have sent, as well as rewards to unlock and value of the current shipment.

What does a shredder do in Astroneer?

Uses. Dynamite, which explodes when shredded. It can also be used to shred Debris found all over planets.

How much power does an RTG produce Astroneer?

4 U/s

Can you shred small shuttle Astroneer?

The Small Shuttle is needed to progress in the game. Without the Small Shuttle it’s not possible to get some Resources in the game, and bigger shuttles can’t be crafted without said resources. Oxygenator.

Small ShuttleTypeShuttleCrafted atLarge PrinterRecipe2x AluminumUnlock Cost1,500 Bytes

What does the crane do in Astroneer?

The Crane is a Large module that can be placed on a Vehicle and certain Platforms. When paired with a Drill Head, it can be used to mine Resources at a faster rate than the Terrain Tool and even dig through hard sediment that the Terrain Tool cannot penetrate.

What does plastic look like in Astroneer?

Plastic is a composite resource in Astroneer. It resembles light gray Resin or Rubber.

What does silicone look like in Astroneer?

Silicone is a composite resource in Astroneer. It appears as a shiny green version of Resin.

What gives the most bytes in Astroneer?

Bytes are gained by researching various objects in the Research Chamber ranging from Research Items (high output but rare) to Resources (cheap but low output), or by collecting Research Samples from various plants, rocks or Astroneer bodies.

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How do you make Astroneer scraps?

To use the Shredder, you’ll need to bring over debris to it and place it over the top. If it isn’t too big, the machine will automatically start breaking it down and start to form Scrap. This Scrape can be used at the Trade Platform to obtain harder to get resources like Hematite and Wolframite.

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