How to trade in rocitizens


Can you trade houses in rocitizens?

Houses are spawned by interacting with the For Sale signs located on vacant plots. … All non-limited house blueprints can be purchased from the shop. Currently, the only limited home is the Haunted Manor, which could be unlocked during the Halloween 2018 event. Blueprints cannot be sold or traded.

Can you trade paintings in rocitizens?

Paintings are a special furniture type purchased from the RoCity Museum & Gallery. … Paintings can be sold, but they cannot be traded.

Can you donate in rocitizens?

In only a day, you can contribute $5,000 for $10,000, but remember, this one takes one day. Last but not least, the very expensive $10,000 can be $25,000, that is if you are willing to wait a whole week!

What job gives the most money in rocitizens?

Available CareersNameBase PayTask BonusCashier$15$10Food Clerk$15$10Line Cook$15$10Nurse$20$25

How do you rob someone in RoCitizens?


  1. Step through the blue portal in the middle of the prison hideout room.
  2. Once you’ve done that, go to either the Super-Mart, 8/12, or Le Vete, or the Bank.
  3. After you’ve arrived, look for an NPC at the location you’re going to rob.
  4. Take out your gun by pressing E on your keyboard and point it at the NPC.

What are some codes for RoCitizens?

RoCitizens CodesCodeRewardRocitizens5thGet $5,000Rocitizens6thGet $6,000rosebudGet $3,000sweettweetsGet $2,500

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