How to sell poe trade


How do I sell items on Poe trade?

Creating the forum thread

  1. Go to the Standard Heist League – Shops subforum.
  2. Create a thread. …
  3. In the original post; link the items you want to sell. …
  4. Click only one time on the item you want to sell. …
  5. After the code, you can tell the indexer what price you want to sell the item for.

How do you buy on Poe trade?

Use Poe. trade to find an item you’re interested in. Click the ‘whisper’ button next to the seller’s name. This copies a string of text you can then paste into the in-game chat window to automatically message a player saying you want to buy the item.

Is Poe Trade Safe?

I also use poe. trade, but I would not go so far as to say it’s “100% safe”. There’s no need to log in, so that’s good. The data about the items for sale are compiled from the public stash tab API that GGG provides for specifically this purpose.

How do I sell in bulk PoE?

How to Sell PoE Currency Bulk

  1. Buy a premium stash tab.
  2. Right-click on it and change it to Public.
  3. Put items into a tab that you want to sell.
  4. Right-click the item to set a price.
  5. Wait for the player to whisper you a copy/pasted message to buy the item.

Is there a way to uncorrupt an item PoE?

Right click this item then left click an item to corrupt it. Corrupted items cannot be modified again.

How many Fusings does it take to 6 Link?

500-1500 fusing

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How do I farm Chaos Orbs Poe?

The drop level of Chaos Orb is 12. According to Reddit statistics, the drop rate of Chaos Orb is around 1.652%. You can farm the currency items by killing enemies, opening chests, containers, and strongboxes. Play more, have more chances to get Chaos Orbs.

How do you invite someone to your hideout Poe?

Players can visit someone else’s hideout by right clicking on the desired player’s name and choosing “Visit Hideout”. It’s possible to control who can do this via tickboxes at the bottom of the hideout stash. Players can separately allow or disallow friends, guild members, or party members.

How often does Poe trade update?

every 30 seconds

Where can I trade items?

A Little of Everything

  1. Freecycle. With 8.5 million members and 5,000 groups, Freecycle is like the mother of all garage sales, with one exception: Everything is free! …
  2. NeighborGoods. …
  3. Craigslist. …
  4. Trashbank. …
  5. Freegan. …
  6. Trade Stuff. …
  7. SwapTreasures. …
  8. BarterQuest.

Is PoE trade macro allowed?

No. Officially allowed. This is not even a game macro.. just a system utility. Things change, and while it may have been or currently is allowed the OP should email support and ask rather than taking peoples word that it is.

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