How do trade up contracts work


How do trade up contracts work in CSGO?

The trade up contract is an item accessed from the player’s inventory and allows players to trade 10 normal or 10 StatTrak™ weapon skins of the same weapon grade from any collection for 1 new weapon skin of the next highest grade tier chosen randomly from one of the collections used.

Are trade up contracts worth it?

The only way it is worth it, is if you’re already opening a lot of cases and end up getting a lot of low tier items, then you can at least trade them up to get something not as crappy, if you want. … Covert weapons are the highest tier you can get, there’s no way to get a golden item (knife) through trade ups.

Does wear affect trade up contract?

The skin you get from Trade Up Contract is randomized. The wear, however, is not.

How do trade up floats work?

So basically, float value is the precise wear value of a skin. This measure ranges from zero to one, where 0 is the least float. It also devided by ranges, on the basis of which the quality of the skin is determined. Nowadays Trade Ups are based on Outcome.

Is Tradeit GG legit?

basically, it is not “officially” allowed because it’s a third party site using the api for trading, but it works very well and each trade has a secure token that only you and the bot know. it doesn’t run anything shady like third party software, not even chrome extensions or stuff like that, just click and trade.

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What is Tradeup?

intransitive verb. 1 : to trade something in (something, such as an automobile) for something more expensive or valuable of its kind. 2 : to stock or purchase higher-priced items.

How does CS GO float work?

It is expressed with a float value, which goes from 0.0, meaning perfect, to 1.0, meaning totally worn down. When a skin is dropped or taken from a case, the game randomly ascribes it a float value. It has a direct influence on the look of the skin.

What is the chance to unbox a knife?

roughly 1 in 400

Are Bitskins legit?

Prices are low, service great, and it is legit! No reasons not to use it.

How do you get skins in CS GO?

To acquire a skin, one must either:

  1. Earn them through random drops by playing in online community and official servers.
  2. “Uncrate” them from opening weapon and promotional containers.
  3. Trade 10 skins for one of a higher rarity with a Trade Up Contract.
  4. Trading with other players.

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