Forge of empires how to trade goods for forge points


How do you trade goods in Forge of Empires?

Creating A Trade

Click the “Market” icon in your toolbar to go to the trading market. Click on the “Create Offer” tab. Next to the words “Your Offers:”, select the good and the amount of that good that you wish to offer for trade.

What gives you points in Forge of Empires?

Whenever a good is spent, its point value will be added to the ranking (research tree, Great Buildings, sector negotiation, donations to the Guild Treasury and so on). … The goods values differ depending on their age / era (the higher the age, the higher the value).

Can you save forge points in Forge of Empires?

The only way you can self-package forge points at present is to contribute to other player’s Great Buildings and secure a slot that awards forge points when the GB levels.

How do you get more Forge points in Forge of Empires?

Forge points can be earned from completing quests. Some quests have forge points as a reward, while others have a random reward with a chance of it being forge points (for example recurring quests). Quests reward forge point packages. Daily Challenges also have a chance of rewarding forge points.

How do I get goods Forge of Empires?

You can get goods as a quest reward, from incidents or from the Guild Expeditions. Normally you would need to build Goods Buildings to produce certain goods there. You can produce up to five different goods per age.

How do you get supplies in Forge of Empires?

Players receive supplies by placing orders in production buildings. Unlike residential buildings players need to set those orders manually. Supplies can also be earned from many special buildings, from Great Buildings as a reward for completing quests and from the Guild Expeditions.

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How do I spend forge points?

You should only produce the goods you are boosted for, and then trade for others. Being in a guild will help with this. For the moment though, you can donate forge points to a great building of someone in your neighborhood or on your friends list.

How much is my Forge of Empires account worth?

How Much is My FoE Account Worth in USD? Most Forge of Empires accounts sell for between $50 to $500. The more features your account has, the higher you can sell it.

What is the best GB in Forge of Empires?

ONE SIDED These are GBs cut to specific ways of playing…

  • Observatory. If getting the Arc seems too much or/and you want to take intense part in GvG then it is a must have.
  • Statue of Zeus, small and easy to level. …
  • Cathedral of Aachen. …
  • Voyager V1 and Atlantis Museum. …
  • Terracotta Army. …
  • Star Gazer. …
  • Virgo Project.

How can I get more than 10 Forge points?

A great building like the “Hagia Sophia” (Early Middle Age era) allows you to earn one forge point at Level 1 and 6 forge points upon reaching level 10. The amount will exponentially increase after every 5 levels. You can also get Forge Points from various Quests, Guild Expedition, Events, and Daily Rewards.6 мая 2019 г.

How do you get diamonds in Forge of Empires?

For example players can buy premium buildings, forge points, expansions, missing blueprints, goods etc. Players can receive diamonds in game through some quests, buildings, Guild Expeditions rewards and conquering certain provinces, however those occurrences are fairly rare.

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How often do incidents happen in Forge of Empires?

These incidents can appear in your city – on the roads, as well as outside – in the wilderness, on the shore, or even on water! You can expect to find 10 to 15 incidents every day and every incident is available for 24 hours after appearing, so make sure to search for them regularly.

Why is Forge of Empires so slow?

In parallel with internet tabs, and second on the list, your Computer/Mac/Device may be affecting the game speed and slowing it down. Programmes and software that consumes a lot of your Computer/Mac/Device’s processes and performance could be causing a drop in the speed of Forge of Empires.

Can you play Forge of Empires without buying diamonds?

Most of the premium items and services offered in the game can be acquired without spending diamonds / real money. The methods are as follows: Purchasing bonuses at the Tavern. You can gain powerful boosts to the coin or supply production or to the effectiveness of your troops.

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