Dungeon defenders 2 how to trade


How do I raise affection in Dungeon Defenders 2?

Power – Feeding your pet, Pet Food, which can be bought from the Petrinarian or looted from enemies. 5’000 EXP is required to level up. Affection – Your pet gains affection in battle alongside your Hero. Affection is gained by being present when defeating a wave.

Is Dungeon Defenders 2 free?

Dungeon Defenders II is a four-player co-op Action Tower Defense game. … Dungeon Defenders II will be free-to-play when it officially launches. The game will never sell gameplay advantage for money. The game will use ethical in-game purchases to support development, such as costumes and tower skins.

How do you open your inventory in Dungeon Defenders 2?

Access to your inventory is through the forge. There are two inside the tavern & one in every map you defend.

How do you get defender medals?

Defender Medals are rewarded from Daily and Monthly missions and by completing maps, they launched with the Calling All Heroes patch, replacing the Wyvern Tokens. They are used to buy items from the Treasure Pirate or the War Recruiter.

How do you drop mana in Dungeon Defenders?

Mana can also be dropped by heroes in-game by using the “Drop Mana” action, either from the Hero Menu or by pressing the “M” key on PC.

Do you need PS Plus to play Dungeon Defenders 2?

See for more details. Dungeon Defenders II is an Action Tower Defense game, packed with classic roleplaying elements like loot, leveling, and pets. … NOTE: A PlayStation®Plus account is NOT required for online multiplayer.

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Can you play Dungeon Defenders 2 offline?

I tried searching google briefly for the answer here but only found entries that were a year or more old, so sorry if this has been asked already. No the game is always online.

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