Black desert online how to trade with friends


Can you trade with friends in BDO?

You can trade only a few specific items that are of little or no real use (trading wise). I, more than anything want to be able to trade items with my friends or guild-mates. I like my selling experience to be personal.

Can you trade items in Black Desert online?

Trading with NPCs. There are two possible ways of trading in Black Desert: via Trader Manager or Auction House. Items that you find at Trade Managers, cannot be sold at the secondary market, and can only be used for 24h.

How do you join friends in black desert?

On the bottom right of the window, you will see an Add friend Button. Select this if you want to add a player to your friend list. A new window will pop up, prompting you to enter a name. This can be either Family Name, or Character Name, which you can set via the top check box.15 мая 2018 г.

Can you gift items in BDO?

If you’re sending a gift to someone you need to be on a character above level 50. Buy the pearls and click on the gift button on the item in the pearl shop and it will ask you to input the character/family name or select from your friends/guild list.

Where is Guild storage BDO?

The Guild Storage in Rocheste is located between the Marketplace Message Board and the Beggar. It sits besides the Goldsmithing Expertise Stand. The Guild Storage in Malina is located outside of the White Whale Inn.

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How do you sell things in black desert online?

Select the item you want to sell from your inventory, enter how many quantities you want to sell, set the unit price, hit Confirm to check the total price, and then click on the Register button at the bottom to confirm your sale. The item you registered will be available for sale at the Marketplace after 15 minutes.

Can you trade in black desert mobile?

※ Due to the game characteristics of Black Desert Mobile, the trading of in-game items and goods (excluding some consumables) between accounts is strictly prohibited, as the act of directly threatens the game economy.

Is Black Desert cross platform?

Starting today, cross-platform play will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation within Black Desert. Adventurers can now come together as one and play online together, or against, the choice is yours!

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