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How to invest in vidangel


Can I still invest in the chosen?

Thank you for wanting to help us with our project! The BEST way for you to contribute is through a Pay it Forward purchase! This purchase goes towards making new episodes and seasons.

How do I invest in TV shows?

The method for investing in film/tv is to usually tell your network about your net worth and how much you’re willing to invest in a production. Your network will then tell cash-strapped producers/directors about you and they might approach you to invest in their production.

How much money has the Chosen raised for Season 2?

Season 2 fundraising had reached over $6 million from over 300,000 investors as of July 1, 2020. The makers of the series have expressed that they desire for The Chosen to be seen by over one billion people in every country in the world.

How does the chosen make money?

“The Chosen” is both an app and a television series. … “The Chosen” has raised more than $10 million, thanks to contributions from more than 19,000 donors. Distributed by VidAngel, the series uses a method called equity crowdfunding in its money-raising efforts.

Where can I buy the chosen TV series?

The opportunity to purchase The Chosen on DVD and Blu-ray is here! And the more you get for friends and family, the cheaper they are. We’ve made it super simple for you. Just go directly to

How do you pay it forward for the chosen?

You can Pay-It-Forward in 2 places: Credit card purchases: On our website, right here: -You can choose to give a one-time contribution or contribute monthly. In App purchases: In the Chosen app, click the Pay It Forward icon located at the bottom.

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How do I invest in movies?

Hedge funds and private equity firms are the usual methods for direct investment in films, although there are some opportunities available through websites focusing on raising capital for film production.

Is investing in a movie a good idea?

Movie investing is a great option for many people who are looking to make a big investment. … Most movies cost a lot to make but have great returns. That means that the potential return is huge. When a movie is made, the first profits are usually used to pay back the investors and producer what they spent on the movie.

Do investors get their money back?

With all investors, you need to determine how they should be repaid. … They can be repaid on a “straight schedule” (for investors who are providing loans instead of buying equity in your company), they can be paid back based upon their percentage of ownership, or they can be paid back at a “preferred rate” of return.

Is the chosen free?

Welcome to The Chosen! Here are the different ways you can enjoy your episodes: 1) Watch for free in our mobile app (from anywhere in the world)! You can get it here: or search “The Chosen” in your Apple or Android app store.

Is the chosen on Netflix?

Now, The Chosen is moving on to its next distribution platform: It has arrived on Netflix. The Chosen’s availability on Netflix was secured thanks to a deal between Supergravity and the streaming video platform. … “We’re stoked to now have the film widely available on Netflix as well.

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Is the chosen on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Viewers in the US can stream The Chosen from VidAngel – an online subscription service similar to Amazon Prime and Netflix.

How do I get the chosen DVD?

Where Can I Purchase a DVD or Blu-Ray of Season 1?

  1. You can purchase in the Gift Factory in The Chosen app or at our online store here:
  2. We cannot ship outside the US at this time.
  3. Discs ship by media mail and can take up to 2 weeks to arrive. …
  4. Having trouble ordering:

How much is the chosen app?

Top In-App PurchasesTitlePriceThe Chosen – Sponsor $299.99$299.99The Chosen – Sponsor $999.99$999.99The Chosen – Sponsor $4.99$4.99Pay It Forward – $500$499.99

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